Artist's Statement

How a collage takes shape fascinates me: the use of paint, found objects and disparate images, being able to cover up a mistake or work it into the design, the effects that emerge the result of a cumulative process, some by intent, some by accident, the finished surface suffused with the presence of invisible layers below. The finished effects in my paintings are determined as much by my “mistakes” as conscious choice. And the light breaking through from below is a force mediating “breakthrough” itself.

The whole process is a metaphor for what it means to “work” on the self. Some of what you are is determined by fate or chance, some of it is the result of conscious decisions, some of unconscious ones. Your surface appearance, like that of a painting in progress, is the result of a cumulative process. Your face has its own “glow,” a unique “patina” made up of many unseen layers of experience.

Shuman Gallery

Fire Lions Who's dream is it anyway? Lady and the Rubies Offering Retreat Roots
Buddha 1 All Dressed Up and No one to Eat Building Dancer and the Moose Beach Goddess Sisters

Student Gallery

Carol Proctor, USA, musician and photographer
Tree Seed Star Arch and Bird of Paradise Buddha and Stairway Southwestern Landscape Horse

Dagmar Holynsky, Germany, art therapist and Magic Book® Trainer
Spirals Turtle Enlarged Turtle Woman in Blue

Krista Bouille, Germany, counselor and Magic Book® Trainer (website)
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Tordis Mueller, Germany, performance artist and Magic Book® Trainer
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Anne Spencer,
USA, 12 year-old student in art book workshop
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Barbara Bouffard,
Germany, Art therapist, Magic Book® Trainer (website)
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Christine Grimm, Germany, Wholistic Counselor, Magic Book® Trainer
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