Sandra Shuman, Ph.D., A Brief Bio

Sandra Shuman
Photo by: Mark Thomson, 2008

Sandra Shuman, Ph.D. is a counselor, artist and writer who gives workshops here and abroad. She has developed a method for helping people tap into their natural image-making abilities in a way that unlocks their creative potential and provides tools for channeling it into artistic directions.

Her first book, Source imagery: Releasing the Power of Your Creativity, and new manuscript, the Magic Book: a Diary for the Soul ®, both describe the role these self-generated images play in unblocking creativity: the former describes the ones that are especially key to the process, the latter how to create a special diary in which they can grow.

To order a signed copy of my book Source Imagery: Releasing the Power of Your Creativity, (Doubleday, N.Y., N.Y., 1989), click here.

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