All the courses are designed to insure that the creative benefits gained will generalize to other areas of living. The format is flexible, adaptable to a wide variety of needs, and to beginners and artists alike.

The Creativity Workshops
Through the use of a special series of guided fantasy and relaxation techniques you get into “flow” and, like a child, take simple pleasure in art-making. By learning how to collage using paint, other materials and found pictures, blocks to expressing yourself dissolve as if “by magic” and your creative risk-taking abilities increase. Your  images become a source of inspiration and creative guidance. It’s a deep process, but also a simple and joyful one.

Group Coaching Sessions
Here you have chance to examine and discuss the meaning of images that appear in your work more closely. Images are complex, non-verbal organizing principles, a creative means by which different parts of the self attempt to communicate with other parts. They represent an important aspect of a larger integrative process unfolding within you.

Private Counseling Sessions
There are universal blocks to expressing one’s creativity. Sometimes there are blocks of a more personal nature. These and other life-coaching issues are best handled in a one-on-one setting.

Writing Tutorials
Writing is the most powerful when it is honest, direct and comes from an authentic place within you. Just as you can learn to paint from the “source,” you can learn how to write from the heart.

Motivation and Rapport: A Communication Skills Seminar

Learning how to build and maintain rapport with others despite differences and disagreements is an “art” and a powerful resource. You will acquire a creative set of tools that will help you overcome obstacles to good communication with friends, colleagues and clients, learning how to motivate people when they appear resistant, thereby gaining their trust and cooperation.

The Magic Book® Training Program

This two year program is designed to certify people in teaching my approach to creativity. During a series of workshops, private sessions and a week-long Intensive, participants learn what a Magic Book® is, the guidelines for developing their own creative collage journal and how to teach others to make them. They are also taught the crucial coaching skills necessary for supporting the process and eliciting optimal results.