My approach represents a map showing you a quick and direct route to striking it rich creatively. Using this guide you will get past challenges and blocks and lead you to a load vein of unconscious artistic resources.

 Here are several core beliefs on which the map is based:

  • The creative drive is an innate human impulse. People are far more creative than they give themselves credit for.
  • Opening your creativity can be easy and enjoyable. Receiving the right direction and support is the key.
  • Everyone has a secret cache of unconscious images with the power to unlock their creative potential. Images are non-verbal, but “speak” to us on many levels. No image is bad, all are good, mediators between the conscious and unconscious mind. Once channeled, their energy, like an electric current, can light up your life.
  • Every image, whether it arises in dreams or artwork has both an artistic and spiritual dimension. It’s an archeological find made up of invisible layers, possessing individual and universal component and a healing message.
  • Learning to work with your own special cache of images, or “source images,” will help your creativity grow and develop of its own accord.
  • The best way to the nurture your creative process is to learn how to stay focused on the process not the outcome.
  • Being creative is a soul-nourishing activity. Like meditation, it’s a gift available to everyone, less the function of a talent than the result of maintaining a certain mindset.