Counseling and Creativity Coaching

I offer clients the options of both counseling and creativity coaching; each venue may be pursued separately or in tandem, and in either private or group sessions.

Counseling, like meditation, can be viewed as a practice in a special kind of mindfulness training whose ultimate purpose is to bring a greater degree of happiness, well-being and balance into your life. My approach is interactive and aims at helping you connect more fully with your own inner resources and then to find new ways for dealing with the circumstances in your life. Each session, represents an important steppingstone in the process, an opportunity to gain greater wisdom, insight and clarity. Purposeful sharing between people has a ripple effect leading to more purposeful action and meaningful relationships.

The creativity coaching and workshops that I offer have grown out of my experience as a counselor and teacher and much practical experience as a professional writer and artist. In both the private coaching sessions and the workshops the main focus is to help you open up to and actualize your creative potential so that you can bring it to greater fruition in your life. By learning how to tap into your creativity you naturally begin to develop both a new sense of direction and new venues of expression in your life.